The Company

Grindery is a BinanceLabs S4 company with a proven team and product traction.
We are a company backed by Binance (Labs S4) and other strategic crypto players like Near, Algorand, Optimism, DFG/JSquare Capital, Perridon Ventures, Gate.io, ANKR, MH Ventures, IDG Vietnam and others.  One of the co-founders Tim Delhaes has developed several blockchain projects and products since 2018, winning multiple hackathons. Some of the products - such as gPay and Flow - as well as research into decentralized automation and cross-chain protocols, optimistic cross-chain protocols, might become part of future offerings. When Grindery joined BinanceLabs 2022, Marc Dangeard, Christian Geissendoerfer, and Thinh Porrman became part of the project as co-founders. Today, we are a lean, globally distributed team of engineers and entrepreneurs led by two active co-founders

The Products

Grindery provides a self-custodial EVM Smart Wallet for Telegram.
With over 900.000 sign-ups, Grindery is building the world’s most popular self-custodial EVM Smart Wallet for Telegram. Smart Contract Wallets are a new technology that allows users to buy, pay, play, swap, stake, and transfer across major blockchains without worrying about managing pass-phrases, private keys, or acquiring different gas tokens for each blockchain.
Following PayPal's footsteps from over two decades ago, Grindery will leverage its vantage point as the most widely used smart wallet to become an expansive payment network inside Telegram. The Smart Wallet is the foundational infrastructure to create a vibrant ecosystem for merchants, DApps, and protocols. We will create a seamless and integrated commerce experience, allowing for smoother transactions, enhanced security, and industry-leading convenience.

The Tokens

The Grindery ecosystem features two core tokens, G1 and GX, each with distinct utilities aimed at enriching the platform's community and facilitating transactions. The G1 token is a Social Finance (SocialFi) token designed to reward users for community engagement, including activities like referrals and participation in network growth. It unlocks exclusive rewards, access to special events, and other community-driven benefits. On the other hand, the GX token serves as the ecosystem's utility token, simplifying the user experience by allowing for gasless transactions across multiple blockchains. This token streamlines operations within the Grindery wallet, making it easier for users to manage their transactions and engage with the decentralized web. Together, these tokens form the backbone of Grindery's tokenomics, driving user engagement and simplifying transactions, thereby fostering a participatory and efficient community.

The Community

To become Community a member, just launch the GrinderyAi bot 🤖 👈
The Grindery community consists of users, developers, and enthusiasts engaged with Grindery's ecosystem, which includes its EVM smart wallet for Telegram, merchant platform, and payment network. This community is involved in various activities such as participating in token sales, utilizing the Grindery wallet for transactions, engaging in network staking, and contributing to the platform's growth through referrals and other activities.

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