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Latest update 15.05.2024

Web3 made Easy

We use the Ethereum Account Abstraction roadmap to streamline crypto wallet usage for end users. To start, first Grindery abstracts the concept of passphrases removing the need for users to write down and store pass phrases. Second, Grindery handles gas payments on behalf of all users removing the need to hold chain specific gas tokens. Thirds Grindery allows for token transfers using simple identifiers like Telegram handles. Users can connect their wallets to decentralized applications (dApps) via WalletConnect. These features are accessible through the Grindery Telegram Bot and its Mini Apps.
Developers can use our infrastructure to create new applications within Telegram. Some of our API endpoints are directly accessible through FlowXO, supporting no-code/low-code Telegram Bot development. Other endpoints can be integrated using our JavaScript SDK into any Telegram Mini-App, simplifying the creation of dApps ranging from simple crypto checkout to complex cross/multi-chain protocols. Partners can even deliver “dynamic apps” that are configured via bots/wizards allowing their users to create custom apps. This can be further extended to even allow to deliver ERC4337 compatible wallet-as-a-service for further integration and customization.
All transactions initiated in these 3rd party Telegram Mini-dApps need to be confirmed by users in the Grindery Bot making Grindery the trustless “second signer”.
We package some basic features such as sending, swapping and bridging into what we call “Native Apps”. These apps are essentially mini-apps with the same SDK that do not require the end user to grant additional access when initiated for the first time since they are part of the Grindery Bot.
By eliminating common hurdles of using crypto (such as passphrases and gas payments) as well as providing foundational features such as sending, swapping, bridging and WalletConnect, Grindery makes web3 easier to use than ever.
On the other side developers can easily create their own bots and mini-apps tailored to specific needs, leveraging Telegram's communication features to enhance user engagement and reach a growing base of wallet users.
This makes Grindery the perfect fit for consumers and businesses alike.
In the long term, Grindery - as public infrastructure - will provide only two core features: the $GX token for payments for transactions on all blockchains and a secure system that verifies all interactions and transactions with third-party bots and apps through the Grindery Bot. As Grindery evolves, it aims to become a trustless system that enables everyone to transact and build on equal footing governed by a shared token.
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