Network Staking

This program is not active

What is “Network Staking“?

Network staking consists of transferring tokens to your Grindery Wallet and using those tokens freely in Grindery for sending, gaming, DeFi and the upcoming Grindery token sale.

What is the difference to regular “Staking“?

In regular staking your tokens are “locked”, meaning you can not use them for anything. In contrast in Grindery you can use them freely in Grindery Bots and Apps including. This means you qualify for network staking with as little as 1 USD.

How do you participate in Grindery’s Network Staking?

Deposit any token on Polygon to your Grindery Wallet from any external wallet such Metamask , Binance or other.

How do I send tokens to my Grindery Wallet?

Below you can find instructions on token sending for the following popular Wallets.
First, get your Grindery Wallet Address.
For that go into the Grindery Wallet and type /wallet.

Sending from Non- or Self-Custodial Wallets

Sending from Custodial Wallets and and Exchanges

How to find your wallet address