Reward 2.0 - Public Beta

Here important takeaways:
All rewards are now paid as “G1 Credits” or “Credits” that can be claimed 1-to-1 as G1 Tokens after a user completed the account setup.
Converting G1 Credits to G1 Token will become available in the coming weeks after concluding the Public Beta.
After a thoughtful period of refinement, we are thrilled to unveil the next iteration of our reward program: Rewards 2.0. Now in Public Beta. Our initial reward system, while successful, presented challenges that we've addressed in this revamped version. We identified issues such as the exploitation of the system through multiple accounts and automated scripts, the disproportionally high gas costs triggered by small, frequent rewards, and a certain misalignment with our core growth objectives.

Here's it is in a nutshell:

  • Continuation of Proven Methods: We're keeping what worked — signup and affiliate rewards remain fundamental to our growth-driven approach.
  • New Earning Opportunities: Embracing diversity, we're introducing new ways to earn, including pay2earn and social media engagement, broadening our community's ability to leverage their unique skills daily.
  • Gas efficient Reward System: All rewards will now be paid as G1 Credits that can then be converted (or “claimed”) 1-to-1 on-chain as G1 Tokens thereby optimizing distribution, reducing unnecessary gas expenditures, and bolstering security.
  • Complete to Claim: To convert your G1 Credits 1-to-1 into G1 Tokens completing account setup is a must. This involves SMS verification of your phone number to deter bots and use of OTP-only Telegram accounts, ensuring fairness and security in reward distribution.
  • Completion triggers affiliate reward: While users will get a notification every time someone activates the GrinderyBot via the users affiliate link G1 Credits will only be credited once the new users completes the account setup.
  • Streamlined Reward Visibility: While rewards reflect in your wallet, we're developing bots tailored to specific rewards, empowering you with tools to maximize your earning potential.

Looking Ahead:

The public announcement of Rewards 2.0 is just around the corner. With 28% of all GX tokens dedicated to our community, the majority of which can be claimed through G1 earnings starting today, we're set on a path of mutual growth and success.Your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage testing reports, suggestions on the reward program, and any innovative ideas you wish to share.
Here's to building a rewarding future together!
The new program will be rolled out gradually via the Grindery Beta Group.
Note: During beta testing we reserve the right to revert G1 as well as all other data of users for testing purpose.

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