Affiliate Reward

The Grindery Affiliate Reward Program allows you to earn G1 credits by referring new users to join our community. By sharing your personal affiliate link, you can contribute to the Community grow and get rewarded for it.

How to Earn G1 Tokens

  1. Share Your Affiliate Link:
      • Get your personal affiliate link using the /affiliate command in @GrinderyAiBot
      • Share your affiliate link with any Telegram contact, on your social media platforms, or email to invite new users to sign up.
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  1. Notification of New Signup:
      • When a new user signs up using your affiliate link, you will receive a notification on @GrinderyAiBot
  1. Completion of Proof-of-Work (POW):
      • The new user must complete Proof-of-Work by earning 1,000 G1 credits through participating in various activities.
      • Once the new user completes the POW requirement, the reward will be credited to your account G1 credits balance and will be available to be claimable for G1 tokens.
  1. Reward Notification:
      • After the new user completes the POW and the reward is credited, you will receive a notification of the G1 credits credited to your GrinderyAiBot wallet balance.

Steps to Share Your Affiliate Link

  1. Access Your Affiliate Link:
      • You will immediately receive a message on the GrinderyAiBot where you can find your personal affiliate link.
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  1. Share the Link:
      • Copy the Affiliate Link and share it with your contacts via:
        • Telegram: Post in groups or send by direct messages.
        • Social Media: Share on X (Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.
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        • Email: Share the link in an email invitation to friends, colleagues, or contacts that you want to invite to be Grindery Wallet users.
  1. Track Your Referrals:
      • You can track your successful referrals coming from your referral link, paying attention to the notifications of new signups and completions of POW that you will receive through messages on the GrinderyAiBot

Key Points to Remember

  • Earn Rewards: For each new user who completes the POW (earning 1,000 G1 credits), you will receive a G1 credits reward.
  • Claimable Rewards: The G1 credits in your account balance are claimable to G1 tokens, through the GrinderyAiBot (using command /webwallet) and then go to the Rewards section
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  • Stay Informed: Notifications on GrinderyAiBot keep you updated on new sign-ups and when rewards are credited to your account.
  • Contribute to Growth: By referring new users, you play a vital role in expanding the Grindery community while earning valuable rewards.