Market Leader

  • Grindery is a newcomer in the general Crypto Wallet market ( Launch September 2023) and provides an EVM Smart Wallet relying on account abstraction (ERC 4337)
  • There is about a doze Smart Wallets market and roughly half of them use Account Abstraction (ERC-4337). The majority of these Smart Wallets are EVM Wallets.
  • As an open standard (ERC4337) Account Abstraction is likely to outperform other proprietary smart wallet standards.
In the market segment of ERC4337 Smart Wallets Grindery is the proven market leader by deployed wallets as well as transactions:
  • Grindery’s Smart Wallet (“ZeroDev-PatchWallet” factory contract) is the most deployed Smart Wallet contract and the 3rd most deployed account abstraction contract across all blockchains Sixdegree Dune
  • “To date, approximately 240,000 users have sent a total of 3.37 million UserOps via the Grindery wallet, [...] indicating a relatively high account reuse rate.” -
  • “[...] 35% of UserOps [ERC4337 transactions on all blockchains] were generated by users farming the Grindery token.” Alchemy
  • “In particular, apps including telegram bot Grindery, video streaming platform FanTV, and Web3 social app Cyberconnect were behind the growth in user operations — making up 66% of the growth.” - Blockworks
  • “[Grindery] has also increased smart account adoption on layer-2 scaling solution Polygon, which currently dominates the space, with a 92% market share in monthly active accounts...” - Blockworks
  • “User operations by ‘bundlers’ saw a substantial 194% increase in Q4, driven largely by apps such as Grindery.” -
  • “The fourth quarter also saw a dramatic 193% increase in user operations conducted by bundlers propelled by applications such as Grindery, FanTV, and Cyberconnect.” - Cryptotimes
  • With over 3.4M transactions Grindery.eth is - y factor 10x the world most active Smart Wallet account across all blockchains - Sixdegree Dune
  • “[..]To date, about 240,000 users have sent a total of 3.37 million UserOps through the Grindery wallet, with an average of about 14 UserOps per account, showing a relatively high account reusability rate”. - Blockmagnates
  • “Telegram bot Grindery that launched its token incentive program. In the result, Grindery token farming represented 35% of Account Abstraction-related activity in December”. - blockchainreporter , CryptoRank