Moderators are community with administrative privileges in official groups and channel listed here.

Primary functions

  • support users when they have problems
  • guide and educate users when they need it
  • reduce spam and noise in the groups
  • eliminate any malicious intents and practices
  • maintain a good tone of conversation in the groups

Desired functions

  • recommend improvements to community setup
  • recommend improvements to product
  • communicate positive and negative user experiences
  • detect threats and security risks early
  • be on the pulse of the community


  • medium to high level of experience with web3
  • high level of experience with Telegram
  • medium to high level of experience with Telegram
  • ability to collaborate productively in English
  • be a Grindery MVU
  • aware and up to date on all public Grindery documentation
  • good understanding of Grindery team structure
  • good understanding of Grindery community structure


Given the rapid growth we had no opportunity to implement a formal moderator and ambassador program yet. All moderator compensation is done in a case by case basis. We expect to build a more formal program by the end of January 2024.

How to become a moderator

Moderators privileges are given on merit, or simply put: become a (power) user, get your MVU up, inform yourself, get involved and start contributing. Then reach out to any of the existing moderators (or super-mods) and get them to propose you as a moderator for a specific existing or new group.
Do NOT apply for the position without showing a track record first.