Most Valuable User

This Program is not active.
The more you contribute, the higher your score, the more rewards and privileges you get.
The MVU score is recalulated daily using a dozen factors. It reflects the position of a user compared to all other users in the community. This means your score can go up when you add value. It can also go down when other community members contribute and out-perform you. Specially through the early periods as well as phases of high activity the MVU score can fluctioate significantly one day to another.
Type /mvu in @grinderyAibot to see your score. The score is not real time. It updates every 24h.
Objective: The MVU program aims to identify and reward users who significantly contribute to the community's growth, thereby enhancing the project's overall value.
Dynamic Value Definition: As our project and product features evolve, so will the definition of 'value' and the criteria for measuring it. This adaptation will shape the calculation of the MVU Score, akin to an algorithm for ranking, similar to Google's PageRank, but for users instead of web pages.
The algorithm will be used in some cases to provide users with an opportunity to exchange G1 to GX or get preferred treatment and token sale events.
Current Focus: The MVU Program is centered around a fundamental goal: to acknowledge and reward users who have added the most value to our network. This value can be added in various forms, including:
  • Bringing measurable value into the network.
  • Attracting more users who contribute measurably to the network.
  • Engaging in activities that support and facilitate these objectives.
More specifically these are some factors on how the algorithm works:
  • Base MVU Score: The algorithm evaluates each user based on multiple factors, including but not limited to the amount of staking.
  • Referral Assessment: It then assesses users referred by the user, combining the scores of all referred users.
  • Aggregated MVU Score: These two values are aggregated into the user's overall MVU score of every user.
Additional Factors: To potentially enhance your MVU score, consider:
  • Participating in at least one channel and one group
  • Engaging with Grindery on Twitter (e.g., tweets and retweets).
One important factor the the algorithm takes into account is what it defined as a “qualified user”. This tries to distinguish secondary Telegram accounts as well as Telegram accounts automated by scripts and bots. These accounts are labeled as “no qualified”
Avoid your account being labeled as not qualified
The following actions and activities can hinder your score to reach its full potential
  • exchange tokens with users that are not qualified.
  • refer users and claim rewards for users that are not qualified.
  • game or exploit the system in any form for personal gains
  • scamming other users in token exchanges
Key Takeaway: All available features can influence your score. However, the most crucial factor is your contribution to community growth, both directly and through referred users. It’s really in many ways about common sense 🙂
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