In the context of Telegram, a real user refers to an individual who engages with the platform through a unique, personal account characterized by manual, authentic, and active participation. Unlike automated or secondary accounts, a real user's activities on Telegram reflect human-like interaction patterns, including diverse messaging content, varied response times, and engagement with different contacts or groups. Key attributes of a real user include:
  1. Active Engagement: Regular participation in conversations, sharing of content, and utilization of Telegram features in a manner typical of individual human behavior.
  1. Unique Identity: The account represents a single, distinct individual and is not duplicated across multiple accounts for the purpose of automation or other non-personal purposes.
  1. Manual Interaction: All activities, including messaging and responding to contacts, are performed manually by the user, without the aid of scripts, bots, or third-party automation software.
  1. Minimum Viable User (MVU) Score: If applicable, the user possesses an MVU score that reflects genuine, human engagement with the platform. This score is typically based on interaction frequency, diversity of contacts, and types of engagement.
  1. Exclusion of Secondary or Auxiliary Accounts: The account is the primary mode of interaction for the individual on Telegram, distinct from any secondary or auxiliary accounts they may have for specific functions like business management or automated tasks.
This definition encapsulates the essence of a real user on Telegram, emphasizing the human, personal, and active nature of their engagement on the platform.