This document gives you a quick overview of how to become an active, real user and maximize your possibility to obtain a better MVU score.

General, Public Features

  • Activate GrinderyAIbot: Begin by activating the GrinderyAI bot in Telegram, which serves as your primary interface with Grindery.
  • Onboard and Confirm Terms of Service: Complete your profile setup and agree to Grindery's Terms of Service.
  • Send G1 to an Existing Grindery User: Practice sending G1 tokens to a contact already using Grindery.
  • Send G1 to a New User: Send G1 tokens to contacts who haven't joined Grindery yet, helping to grow the network.
  • Follow Up on New User Contact: Encourage new contacts to engage with Grindery after sending them G1 tokens.
  • Set a Recovery Phone Number: Enhance your account's security by adding a recovery phone number.
  • Access WebWallet from GrinderyAIbot: Learn to navigate and use your WebWallet via the GrinderyAIbot.
  • Send G1 from WebWallet: Familiarize yourself with sending G1 tokens directly from the WebWallet.
  • Deposit USDC on Polygon in Wallet: Deposit USDC on the Polygon network into your Grindery Wallet.
  • Check Network Stake: Use the GrinderyAIbot to verify your network staking status.
  • Swap USDC to Matic on Polygon: Use your Grindery Wallet to swap USDC for Matic on the Polygon network.
  • Share Affiliate Link and Get Sign-ups: Share your Grindery affiliate link to attract new users and boost your MVU score.
  • Access WebWallet Directly from the Web: Learn to access your WebWallet directly via a web browser.
  • Review Your MVU Score: Regularly check your MVU score to monitor your community contribution and rewards.
  • Explore and Access Relevant Communities from the WebWallet: Utilize the WebWallet to discover and engage with Grindery's diverse communities.

More Features

  • Browser and Explore the Documentation: Utilize the browser to access and explore Grindery's comprehensive documentation, enhancing your understanding of the platform.
  • Browse and Explore Different Groups: Explore various Telegram groups related to Grindery to connect with other users, share experiences, and gain insights.
This structured approach will guide users through the wide range of functionalities that Grindery offers, from basic operations to more advanced and beta features.